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Ardella Cosplay as Power Girl Revisited

Here’s a photograph you may recognise from our Sydney portrait photography session with Ardella Cosplay as Power Girl from last year’s custom photography session. If you remember we did this portrait session at Sydney Olympic Park, with the hope of having some industrial metropolis feel to the photographs. This set has always had a lot of potential, it just needed to wait until I had some more materials and Photoshop skills as it’s not something I do usually.

I think next time I’d like to get a shadowy city silhouette in the background as a dark metropolis of crime. Maybe also some atmospheric fog to make it more comic like and sinister looking too. Maybe Power Girl is a little too happy in this shot, I’ll have to use a more serious image as a starting point.

Well, this is actually using a sunset sky that I got from Melbourne, we don’t get this kind of sky in Sydney. Or maybe I could get a sunrise on the Eastern Suburbs beaches one day. So if you see a crazy guy taking photos of clouds one day, you know why.

What do you think? Do you like it?

Speeding your WordPress site with ZippyKid (Pressable) managed hosting vs caching?

Speeding up your WordPress site can be done in several ways. ZippyKid (now Pressable) managed hosting offers only WP, and claims to make your site ‘3 times FASTER’. It includes a CDN in its monthly fee of $25 for its base plan.

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