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Hiroshima 広島

I guess Hiroshima was pretty standard tourist fare. It has a nice tram system right outside the train station, which while convenient meant that both times I’ve been here I’ve only visited what was on the tram line.

I was excited about being able to take good pics of the Genbaku Dome.  Well, that was the theory.  It was a nice overcast day, hot, but not too hot (relatively).  Unfortunately the sky was still very bright, white and boring.  I still had no idea how bright to make my pics, should I try to bring back some of the highlights, or should I just stuff the sky and just make sure the foreground was well exposed.  So I ended up taking 2-3 exposures of each scene, but still it was hard to tell from the LCD whether I was getting it right.

After the Peace Park, we found a small shrine on the way back.  Then we went off to Iwakuni and Miyajima.  That night, we were going to go for Hiroshima-yaki, but that was when we found out that restaurants were closing by 10pm.  We ended up finding a sushi restaurant that was still open.  There Carra got to try horse sashimi, which was quite good, and some fried whale, which had a disagreeable taste.

Hiroshima people seemed much nicer than the lot in Osaka.

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