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Iwakuni 岩国

Iwakuni is just under an hour west of Hiroshima, and is famous for its Kintai Bridge 錦帯橋, a traditional wooden bridge originally built in 1673.  It was built using no nails, and you can see how the wood slots together to hold the bridge in one piece.  But then the river flooded and washed the bridge away…  The current is a faithful reconstruction and this time they wisely added some spikes to hold the pieces together.

It was a terribly hot day as usual, and lots of people were cooling off in the river underneath.  The river was so shallow I’m sure you could actually walk across if so inclined.  I also found some koi fish swimming around in the gutter, which was a bit strange, not sure that you should be blocking sections of the gutters off.

Published by Valent Lau

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