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Miyajima 宮島

Miyajima is the home of the floating torii, probably the most photographed shrine in Japan.  The shrine was surrounded by a park, filled with deer.  There was also a cable car to the mountain top.  Unfortunately, we got there around 4pm and both the shrine and cable car closed at 5pm, so we couldn’t visit both.

This time the aim was to take some sunset and night shots, so we brought our tripods with us.  There were lots of other photographers staked out waiting for the sun to set.  As the sun started to set the contrast was pretty strong, and I wasn’t really sure what kind of shots to take.  When it finally did set, the whole sky was clouds and we didn’t get the red sky we were hoping for.  There was some nice color afterwards tho, hampered only by the stupid tourist boats going through the torii, hanging around for 10min, going backwards through the torii again, then giving us all of 1min before the next boat came along.

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2 thoughts on “Miyajima 宮島

  1. Awesome pics! I especially like the night shots. Do they use flood lights on the torii? I have a pretty good pic from there (pre-digital era) taken with almost identical lighting to your 6th-to-last shot. Makes me wish we’d stuck around for nightfall! I also like how you snuck in some couple shots – nice work, Val!


    1. Yeh it’s floodlit from somewhere further in front tho we couldn’t see the lights. So is the shrine. Night falls pretty late, we waited about 2hrs after everything was closed til the sun set.


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