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Namba 難波

Namba, the land of lights.   Endless eateries and discount shops line the roads, and are all lit by bright lighting.  Great for handheld photography I guess.  There’s the famous Glico running man by the Ebisubashi bridge, of which every visitor to Osaka has to take a picture. It hasn’t changed much since I was last there in 2004, and yet I had to fire off a dozen shots just to make sure :)

The famous chain restaurants are out in force, and seem to repeat every few minutes of walking.  After seeing the same restaurant again and again for a while, you wonder if you had been going around in circles.  There are lots of sakura inviting you to enter bars or karaoke, shop assistants shouting their specials, other people shouting stuff I didn’t understand…

Such a bustling place, you’d think it’d be open all night!  No, like the rest of Japan, more than half of these restaurants were closed by 10pm, as were most of the retail shops.  I guess they really don’t care about tourists much.

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