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Himeji Castle 姫路城

If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s too late. Himeji’s White Egret Castle, considered Japan’s most beautiful castle, is undergoing a once-in-50-years maintenance as of Sep 09. It’s world heritage main keep will be covered in scaffolding for the next 5 years.

Built in 1609, the castle grounds are huge. The paths inside the complex are like a maze, and there are sections of the wall you could enter too. The main keep is a mind numbing 6 storeys high, with very steep and narrow wooden staircases connecting each floor. Inside there are a few exhibits but mostly it’s just getting to the top. It’s not fun hauling 5kg of camera gear up in 35 degree weather. At the top is a small shrine and the best views over Himeji.

After the castle, we visited Kokoen garden next door, and then the biggest time waster in Himeji was the Daiso (100yen store). It was Carra’s 1st Daiso, and we spent 2hrs and 8000yen in there… Aah yes, we all remember our 1st time in Daiso…

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