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Shitennouji 四天王寺

Shitennouji 四天王寺 is a large temple in the middle of Osaka city.  It is historically significant, having being first built by Shotoku Taishi in the 6th century.  It is now the oldest temple within Osaka.

The grounds of the temple are quite large, and there are lots of different buildings, many of which you cannot enter.  The whole temple itself is surrounded by residential buildings, and people can be seen walking around and through the complex to get home.

Even though we got there mid afternoon, the sky was really bright and it was really hot.  As you can see, the sky is blown out in most of the photos.  A very challenging situation.  I tried to flash light some of the closer subjects, and even got an HDR in there! Amazing how good our eyes are at distinguishing high contrast.

Published by Valent Lau

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