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Osaka Kaiyuukan 大阪海遊館

Osaka Kaiyuukan 大阪海遊館 was the sole reason we went to Japan. OK not really, but it is the only place I would go to time and time again. It was probably the largest aquarium in the world, with over 7 storeys of tanks.

Here’s the main tank in action, it’s over 3 storeys high!

Time and time again I came here trying to take photos, and leave vowing to come back once more and do better! The first time I came here I got about 5 usable pictures with my compact camera. The second time I got a few videos. This time we shot until closing time and we were kicked out by the staff!

Armed with an ISO1600 capable DSLR, the place was still too dark, and we were doing 1/8s shots. I’ll need a faster lens next time.

Here are a few of the general exhibits, there will be a few more posts with more fun stuff and weird animals.

It’s amazing how much time you can spend in there with a camera, especially if you don’t have a fast lens. We spent 3 hours in there, until closing time. I took over 500 pictures in there, but so many of them were blurred or too dark.

The tank of forever rotating fish…

A tank with sea turtles, octopi, and weird fish…

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