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Sunfish, Mola mola

Sunfish, or Mola mola (!?), are my favorite fish in the world. They are a crazy flat fish, with big fins on the top and bottom they use for swimming. The giant fish are quite docile, and quite clumsy. They have a net inside their tank so that they don’t hit the glass and kill themselves. Sometimes they get stuck in a corner of their net and can’t seem to turn around!

Not really sure how they keep faced the right way around, sometimes they rotate vertically like a coin! It’s as if their head is lighter than their tail. Somehow they can right themselves again.

When they swim close to the sides of the tank, their huge eyes turn towards you as if they are looking at you, and then trails off. I’m not sure that they actually see you, maybe they just notice the movement.

I first saw the sunfish in some anime a long, long time ago. I don’t remember which one, was it Laputa? I thought it was just some crazy Ghibili invention, just imagine my surprise when I saw it for real!

Published by Valent Lau

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