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Jellyfish クラゲ

The other main attraction at the aquarium is the collection of jellyfish. Yeh I can see the question marks over your heads, but there are so many incredible types of jellyfish here that you can’t see in Sydney.

This section is better for photos because all the tanks are relatively well lit. Still had to stay at ISO1600 to get some faster shutter speeds tho.

These angel jellyfish are from the bottom of the ocean or something, and are smaller than the tip of your little finger! A certain less observant person walked right past the tank, and later came back asking me what I was doing taking pictures of an empty tank!

Classic ‘killer’ jellyfish seen in deep water disaster movies.

These tiny jellyfish seem to be picking up things and putting them in its mouth with that short bit sticking out in the middle.

This was the last section of the aquarium before the touching tank and exit, a nice compact section with lots of pics to take. It was close to closing time too, so most people had rushed on to the touching tank.

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