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Tempozan 天保山

The Tempozan Harbor Village contains the Kaiyuukan aquarium, a giant ferris wheel, a shopping mall, and the Suntory museum.  It’s also supposed to be opposite Universal Studio Japan, but in the 3 times I’ve been there I’ve never caught a glimpse of it.  I’ve never been in the museum either.

When we finished at the aquarium at about 8pm, we headed to the shopping mall next door.  Only to find all of the shops on the ground level already closed.  At 8pm during the school holidays, in an entertainment district.  Seeing a pattern here?

While I went upstairs to look for open restaurants, Carra managed to trick a storekeeper into re-opening his store by acting like a lost puppy outside the store window.  We felt obliged to buy numerous objects from him in return.  He explained the meanings of different colors on those cat dolls, and so we also made sure we we got all the colors covered.  Then we went for the pig dolls…

Wallets and credit cards emptied, we had a quick meal and went next door (again) to the giant ferris wheel.  It was once the world’s largest, but that part has now been stickered over.  Not a bad view over the Osaka night sky, but it was over pretty quickly.

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