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Uji 宇治

Uji 宇治 in Kyoto is famous for its teas.  Its whole main street was full of shops for tea powders and tea related food and desserts.  Even the matcha soft ice creams were decorated with extra matcha powder on top.

We started at a cha-soba shop that was featured in a HK guide, but it was a bit disappointing.  For hand made soba it was pretty soggy and tasteless.  I think they realised they were in a HK guidebook and just upped the price, downed the service and quality.

The river was quite swollen that day, so the river island park was closed.   I guess it was the storm from the last few days.  We had a quiet time roaming the streets and nearby temple/shrines, then we went back to look for a dessert shop.

The two desserts we ordered were made from different grade teas, although I couldn’t describe the difference or why one was ‘better’.  Apparently the low grade teas were machine ground, while the higher grade ones were hand processed.  They also explained the difference in taste, but I can’t remember anymore.  The heat must have affected my memory…

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