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Kiyomizudera 清水寺

Sansai soba - vegetarian food is good in Japan.

Kiyomizudera 清水寺 is another must-see place in Japan.  It is a huge complex on top of a long hill, which visitors must climb as buses only stop right down the bottom.  The only other option was a taxi, which we considered, but we weren’t sure how they would react to a request just to go up the hill. I wonder how the people living along the way feel about thousands of tourists/pilgrims walking past their front door every day?

It was a long walk, but luckily there were plenty of shops and restaurants along the way.  Too bad most of them were not air conditioned…  That was becoming our sole criteria for everything.  The heat really doesn’t help your appetite or urge to buy.   Surely they realise shoppers would be more inclined to enter your shop if it helped them escape the weather?

I realise it now, that actually the place is a mix of Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples.  I’m not really sure how this could be.  The way down was much easier, and we ended up buying lots of stuff.  Cups, matcha, dolls, decorations; lucky we brought a wheeley bag!

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