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Jishu Jinja 地主神社

Jishu Jinja 地主神社 is inside Kiyomizudera 清水寺.  In fact it’s slap bang right in the middle of it.  A Shinto shrine in the middle of a Buddhist complex.  What on earth’s going on here?

Jishu Jinja is famous for its pair of love stones.  Err rocks.  The point is you start from one side, close your eyes, and walk towards the other stone/rock.  If you make it, and don’t fall off the cliff or run into your fellow tourists, that means your love life will be successful… or something.  If you trip over the other rock and hit your head, I don’t know if it counts…

Anyway, when we got there, there was a line of foreign tourists waiting to try it.  Not so many Japanese were keen to go? But I don’t think it’s really something you want to try when you don’t have a partner. You don’t want to be single and then fail the walk, effectively doomed to stay single for a very long time…

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