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Mini Review: Tsuruhashi Fuugetsu 鶴橋風月

Tsurubashi Fuugetsu 鶴橋風月 is a large okonomiyaki chain in Japan. Okonomiyaki is sometimes referred to as Japanese-style pizza. It’s not. It’s nothing like pizza. Okonomiyaki is a mix of meat and chopped cabbages mixed into a batter and cooked on a hot top. When it is cooked, it is topped with “sauce” and mayonnaise, and some other accompaniments.  Apparently it’s quite good for you because of the cabbage and low-fat content.

Anyway, on the menu are regular okonomiyaki with ingredients such as pork, beef, squid, prawns, oysters, octopus, and various combinations of these. Then there is the modan-yaki variation, which is okonomiyaki with noodles added. Actually that sounds a lot like Hiroshima-yaki.

You get everything in a big bowl, mix it well, and cook it on the hot top in front of you.  Or if you were dead tired like us, you can get the staff to do it for you.  Then you can take picture holding a spatula and no one will the any wiser…

We got a shrimp and pork, and a Fugetsu-yaki which has everything in it. It’s all good, but I think I prefer the traditional okonomiyaki.  You can’t really taste the noodles in the modan-yaki anyway.

Kind of reminds me of the okonomiyaki shop near Honjo Station in Akita, except the setting there was more Japanese style tattami. Okonomiyaki was really good in winter there.  The decor of Tsurubashi Fuugetsu is a bit more modern, and doesn’t have the same feeling.  Of course you can expect each store in the chain to be slightly different.

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