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Seeking the Merlion

12 years ago I visited Singapore.  I looked for the Merlion, but it was gone, being repaired or relocated or something, with just a stone platform left behind.  Now at last I get to see not one but two Merlions!

The strange thing about the Merlion is that for a national symbol, nobody seem to know where it is!  Hotel staff, shops, MRT, etc.  And there are no useful signs until you are almost right on top of it!

Well, as you can see we did eventually find it, along with its mini clone!  This one you can’t walk inside like the one in Sentosa.  I guess then there are 3 Merlions in Singapore now.

We were completely exhausted by then, and luckily there was a cafe chain store nearby.  Inside was… air conditioning…

And also those ‘No Studying’ signs you see above.  We need some of those here in Sydney, you can never get a seat in any cafe here…

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