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Cihui Temple 慈惠宮

We were looking for another place, some historical rich family’s home.  We arrived to find it was closed for maintenance from the day before to the day after we leave.  What luck eh?

As we were wandering back to the station, we spotted this temple at the end of the markets.  Wedged between the buildings on either side, it didn’t look much on the outside.  But for some reason, it felt quite attractive to me.  Something different to all the museums I guess.

It turned out to be quite big inside.  It had three storeys, and lots of ornate decorations inside and out.  At first I was hesitant to be so boldly taking photos there, but the people didn’t seem to mind at all.  But it was a bit dark inside and I didn’t have my tripod, so I ended up with lots of throwaway shots.

The different sections and levels had different styles of decorations, and the walls had small colorful statues on them too!  It felt like parts were built at different times.  Some of the outside statues were a bit damaged and chipped tho.

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