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17th Biennale of Sydney – Cockatoo Island

The 17th Biennale of Sydney – a contemporary arts festival held every 2 years.  This was the first year I attended. There were events at various venues, but we only went to Cockatoo Island, an old industrial island in Sydney Harbour just off Balmain.  Even then, it took us the whole day to walk around the whole island and all the installations.

A lot of the art were videos, in blackened old warehouses.  Some of them were interesting or thought provoking, but I didn’t really understand most of them!  You don’t really get the same feel or sense of immersion looking at photos, maybe I should have taken some videos?  The highlight was a bunch of exploding cars hanging from the roof of the largest warehouse.  Too bad the last ferry off the island was at 5.30, as they would have looked better when the sky was darker.

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