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Review: Ella’s Patisserie

Ella’s Patisserie is a small shop in Hurstville specialising in cheese and mousse cakes.  It is very popular among the local people, but because of its secluded location is a bit of a neighborhood secret.

There are over a dozen types of cakes on sale each day, including blueberry, mango, tofu, green tea, passionfruit, pistachio, chestnut, and many more.  The varieties change daily, and some types are seasonal so there’s always something new!

What makes Ella’s stand out from chain stores like 85° is that each of these cakes are creations unique to her store.  You will not the standard types of cakes here, nor will you find these cakes sold anywhere else.

Ella originally started her apprenticeship under the Lucullus Cake Shop in Hong Kong, and later studied under Le Cordon Bleu in Australia before opening her store in 2005.  Ella prides herself in producing healthy cakes without excessive sugar, and without any artificial ingredients or preservatives.  Her unique fusion of French and Asian styles definitely shows in her cakes, with subtle uplifting flavors and a light texture which will not make you feel bloated like traditional western cheesecakes do.

Ella’s also sell packets of assorted cookies, which are very addictive!  You can also order large whole cakes for special occasions, including mudcakes and spongecakes.

Definitely worth a visit if you are in the area, or even if you’re not!

Some of these photos were published in an article in The ONE Magazine, August 2010 Issue. The ONE is a Chinese & Japanese bilingual magazine with distribution in Sydney and Melbourne.

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