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The Three Sisters

It used to be so simple out here.  When I first saw The Three Sisters there was a lookout, a small carpark and the railway down the steep mountain, and that was it.

The last time I saw The Three Sisters must have been almost ten years ago.  They had added a skyway that held about 10 people and went halfway out over the valley, and then came back.  I thought it was pretty stupid back then.

Now they have “Scenic World”, a 3 storey building with a multilevel carpark, 2 restaurants, and a large souvenir shop.  The station for the opposite side of the skyway was completed, and now they charge per one-way trip.  A cable car has been added down to the valley floor, and a number of walkways constructed at the bottom.  They link up to the railway, so you can go down one way and up the other.

I guess that’s what’s called progress.

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