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Mirazozo – Architects of Air

Mirazozo by Architects of Air is a giant jumping-castle-like thing at the front of the Opera House.  Built in 2010, it has been around many places in the world, and has finally made it here down under.

Inside is a labyrinth of colors, as well as temperatures, as some compartments are air conditioned, while others are left to heat up in the sweltering sun.  The mix of colors will change according to the conditions outside, and what the camera sees has little resemblance to what the eyes see.  I hope the architects don’t mind the artistic licence I’ve taken in producing these photos!

I encourage everyone to go visit the installation, and compare what they and their cameras see to what I have posted here!

Some of these photos were published in an article in The ONE Magazine, February 2011 Issue. The ONE is a Chinese & Japanese bilingual magazine with distribution in Sydney and Melbourne.

Published by Valent Lau

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