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Chinese New Year Twilight Parade 2011

This was the first time I attended the Chinese New Year Twilight Parade.  Actually when they say twilight, it’s actually very bright when the parade starts.   It doesn’t start to feel dark until more than half an hour in.

After a (rather long) opening ceremony, the parade was started by 10 lions rampaging up and down the street!  It was all quite exciting, with me trying to run ahead of them to take a shot, setting up the shot, only to have them run on ahead of me again!  I’m sure the spectators thought I looked quite funny.  Later on in the parade I was dodging twirling batons and flying dragons, it was quite a workout!

Unfortunately it started raining soon after, but it was off and on, so not a complete loss.  Well, looks like I’ll have to invest in some rain gear for my camera!

Some of these photos were published in an article in The ONE Magazine, March 2011 Issue. The ONE is a Chinese & Japanese bilingual magazine with distribution in Sydney and Melbourne.

Published by Valent Lau

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