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Asian Marching Boys rehearsal

We were lucky enough to be invited to attend one of the Asian Marching Boys’ (AMB) rehearsals for the Mardi Gras in a couple of weeks time.  The AMB strives to promote the visibility of Asian gay men in Australia.  They are one of only a few groups in the Mardi Gras whose members are predominately Asian.  This will be their 13th year of attendance in the parade, and it promises to be a big one!

The rehearsal was held on the upper floor of The Midnight Shift.  There was a very beautiful stage area, and wonderful props lying all over the place.  The group were very friendly, and were very patient with this photographer’s requests as he fumbled around with his lights.

Some of these photos were published in an article in The ONE Magazine, March 2011 Issue. The ONE is a Chinese & Japanese bilingual magazine with distribution in Sydney and Melbourne.

Published by Valent Lau

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