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Japan – Kingdom of Characters

Japan – Kingdom of Characters is an exhibition by the the Japan Foundation Sydney.  Through the end of May,  life-sized figures of famous Japanese characters and information panels will be on display at the Japan Foundation Gallery in Chifley Plaza.  There will also be free anime screenings and lectures every Wednesday night throughout the exhibition.

Apart from anime and movie characters, there are also some prefectural mascots on display.  Although only a few are shown on the map, you can be assured that every prefecture has at least one mascot.

Looking at Akita city, we have the beloved Kantaro Mizuno from the sewerage works.  OK, maybe I wasn’t such a model citizen, because this is the first time I’ve heard of Kantaro.  Then again, I didn’t have working sewerage where I lived.  But surely there are much better known mascots in Akita to choose from?

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