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Glebe Tramyards

The abandoned Glebe tramyards have been a favorite for photographers, graffiti artists, druggies, and nosy tourists for years.  Occupied by half a dozen old trams, and one bus, and some homeless people, this icon of Sydney is due for demolition in the near future.

The tramyard is quite run down, and it is amazing that our nanny state government haven’t locked the place down tight.  In fact, it’s pretty interesting that everyone is able to keep out of trouble in such a dangerous place, yet they can’t walk down their own street without having some serious accident.

In any case, the tramyard doesn’t disappoint, with colorful graffiti everywhere, and great rooms around the side for backdrops.  I’ve found with graffiti there are of two types.  One type is art, with intricate designs and colors.  The other type is done by losers who scrawl ugly scribbles over the previous type.  I guess every industry is plagued by charlatans.

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