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Yuri Kogen Railway Obako 由利高原鉄道おばこ

Did you know that the Yuri Railway is one of the most famous in Japan? Nope, I didn’t know either. People come from all over Japan to see and take photos of it all throughout the year.

In fact in the 3 years I lived here I only rode the train twice. Yep I’d been sitting on a goldmine and didn’t know it. I didn’t do photography back then though.

It’s mainly used by students because of the times involved. It is a single track railway with the only crossover point in Maego 前郷駅. You basically only get 1 train per hour. (That’s still more than Waterfall station here, which gets 1 train every 2 hours…) Since there are no traffic jams, it’s also faster to drive to Honjo 本荘.

It’s also one of the only railways that still do this bag handover thing in Japan. You can see this brown bag the station master has. The train driver gives it to the station master when he comes into the station. It’s of some significance and people come specifically to this station to capture the moment. Unfortunately I don’t know what’s in the bag.

I finally waited for a clear day and made my way out to the station. Of course there was nobody there, being school holidays. The green train has been there since forever. The red and white one are a new series from just a few years back.

After the crossover the station master asked me where I came from to photograph the train. I told him Sydney, Australia. I had to tell him twice.

You can visit their facebook page here.

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