Ardella Cosplay • Belle

Valent Lau Photography continues our Sydney portrait photography and interview with lovely Ardella as the carefree book loving Belle from Beauty and the Beast. For this we had a choice of different outfits for Belle from different parts of the the story. We went with the simpler earlier dress as a village girl. To matchContinue reading “Ardella Cosplay • Belle”

Ardella Cosplay • Aurora

With Animania only a week away Valent Lau Photography met up with Sydney cosplayer Ardella Cosplay for a Sydney Portrait Photography session and to chat about all things cosplay for an upcoming article in The ONE Magazine. If you’ve been to Animania, SMASH!, or Supanova in the past couple of years, chances are you haveContinue reading “Ardella Cosplay • Aurora”


The Japan Foundation Sydney has a new staff member! Hikari has joined as the new mascot to promote the foundation’s motto of “Bringing Japan to You”. I met up with her briefly today.

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