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Singapore シンガポール 2009

We stopped at Singapore for 4 days on the way to HK. In a country of only hot-and-dry and hot-and-wet seasons, somehow we managed to land in the really-hot and really-wet season! It was terribly hot and humid, but luckily it only rained half the time while we were there.

Stuff was OK cheap, transport was ridiculously cheap, eg SG$9 for the airport limo, or SG$1 (+$1 deposit) for a metro ride. Food was cheaper than Australia, but not really that cheap compared to HK, Taiwan, etc, plus there were ridiculous surcharges at restaurants. Supermarkets were interesting, as there was much more choice from all around the world.

Here are some highlights, once again in no particular order.

Orchid Road

Jurong Bird Park


Sentosa – Songs of the Sea

Seeking the Merlion

St Andrews Cathedral

Old buildings in Singapore

And meanwhile enjoy these random pics of transport in Singapore.

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