Supanova スーパーノヴァ 2011

This was my first Supanova, and I must say I was impressed.  While Japanese anime provide lots of cosplay opportunities, I had always thought western TV to be relatively lacking in ‘costumes’, being made up of mostly cop shows and reality TV. However, the quality of cosplay I saw on the day blew away allContinue reading “Supanova スーパーノヴァ 2011”

Japan – Kingdom of Characters

Japan – Kingdom of Characters is an exhibition by the the Japan Foundation Sydney.  Through the end of May,  life-sized figures of famous Japanese characters and information panels will be on display at the Japan Foundation Gallery in Chifley Plaza.  There will also be free anime screenings and lectures every Wednesday night throughout the exhibition.

Animania アニマニア mini 2011

March brings us Animania mini in Sydney 2011.  It was quite a bit smaller than the main event last Sept, and due to the never ceasing rain these few weeks there didn’t seem to be many big props around.  Nevertheless, there were still some good cosplayers there, and a few I recognised from the previousContinue reading “Animania アニマニア mini 2011”

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